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Hellonemo is a digital creative studio based in Malang - Jakarta, Indonesia. We craft digital product and solutions for your project. We will bring you what they called out-of-the-box. And here is our featured works.

  • KitaKemana
  • Nutrifia
  • Quotly
  • Doraku Sushi
  • Hijapedia
  • project

Hello! Nice to Meet You.

  • Caesar
    Caesar Aldhela Creative Director

    As known as caldhela or omen. He is the man who bring you the bold and clear creative visions. Have a great sense in new media designs and focus on details. Often play Tatsunoko vs Capcom in his free time.

  • Rizqi
    Rizqi Nizamil Putra Front-end Web Developer

    Slicing pixels into real thing. He plays around with html, css, ajax & jquery. Always notice the latest trends in web developing and able to work fast. A movie freak, and never let the movies go.

  • Agris
    Agris Wiseptya Lead Designer

    Working with pixels and playing with colors are his daily routine. He always do the design neatly and pay big attention to the details. And surprisingly, maybe someday you will see his debut as a speed car racer, who knows?

  • Anca
    Ardiansyah Nugraha Designer

    User experience and user interface designer rockstar. A fast learner, very passionate to do many things. A Darth Vader wannabe. His hobbies are watching WWF smackdown show.

  • Aulia
    Aulia Rahmani Front-end Web Developer

    Also as a content copywriter, who fall in love with CSS & HTML. A woman who is always curious in every case. She loves doodling and typography. Fashion police is her favorite TV show!


Established in 2009, hellonemo expertise in digital creative solutions. We're making them fun and profitable for your business. We deliver each project as good as it can possibly be.
Work together under mountain's weather, with handmade workbench, Tatsunoko vs Capcom game and client's satisfaction to keep us happy and creative.

  • Our Services
  • Web Design & Development
  • Mobile Responsive Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Digital Advertising & Campaigns
  • E-commerce Development
  • Product Visual Branding
  • Application Deveploment
  • Social Media Management



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